Private room


Caelis Privé is the new space at Caelis and one of the most personal passion projects of Chef Romain Fornell.
Caelis Privé is a private room where guests can host private lunches or dinners with dishes prepared and presented by our team of chefs, interacting and chatting with the diners.

Caelis Privé can also be used for show cooking sessions and master classes. The room features a huge screen showing everything that is going on in the Caelis kitchen in real time, for an exceptionally unique experience.

The space seats up to 28 diners at one long table.

Caelis Privé is located on the -1 floor of the Ohla Barcelona hotel.  Caelis is located on the mezzanine floor of the hotel (0.5).

Menus served at Caelis Privé are different from our tasting menus and our Caelis Menu.

For bookings and menus, please contact us at

From 15 to 24 guests.